Myself & I

My name is Juliana Mendoza and I am currently a graduate student in the Public History program at Central Connecticut State University. I recently graduated with a B.A in Art History from the University of Connecticut. I currently work at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art within Visitor Services at the Information Desk and I have to say it is the most rewarding position I’ve ever been in. Every day I meet people from all over the world and getting to know their art history interests and being able to be a resource for visitors has been an invaluable experience!

Though my love for history has always been focused on art, I cherish and appreciate history for what it is and means today in our fast-paced world. I have always been fascinated with how the history of so many things came to be and how they unravelled (whether it be monuments, houses, towns, objects or our own environment). One particular monument I will never forget that I learned in my introductory art history course is the “Parthenon”. It is a Greek monument built to attest to the city’s greatest moment in time as well as commemorate Greek goddess, Athena. To this day, I still wonder how builders were able to create such a meticulous and intricate masterpiece. I believe history and our own personal histories continue to inspire us today. Currently, I have Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat accounts. I use all of them daily but I rarely post updates, I mainly like to scroll through my feed and pass time. It can get excessive sometimes but I try to distract myself through other things like going for a car ride or a walk – basically anything that doesn’t involve my phone or computer which has been hard actually!

What I hope to learn from this class is learning the process and all of the ways we use our digital tools today to analyze history and how much of that digitized history gets transformed from what it originally was. I believe this class will be an eye opening experience for me, seeing as how we have all entered the digital era.


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